Tips on Building an ADR Business Online

Tips on Building an ADR Business Online

Do you have the right mindset?  Where did this move into Alternative Dispute Resolution stem from?:

  • Are you a litigator that decided ADR is a better path for you and/or your clients?
  • Are you at the height of your career when you decided this, or are you nearing retirement and want to stay in your field of expertise?
  • Are you a former judge that wants to further your career without returning to lawyering?
  • Are you a mental health specialist or counselor that works with families in need?
  • Are you a business consultant that’s had a career of negotiating and preserving relations?

Whatever your reasons may be, to build a successful practice using online resources, you must focus on two very important elements.

  1. Protecting inbound referrals generated from your network by ensuring your Online “Front Door” is welcoming, informative, cohesive and always points to you and your firm.

2.  Use effective ADR language in all written content and posts pertaining to Practice Areas and geography that are relevant to you and your firm.

Well established members of the legal community often feel they are so well known that the above isn’t necessary.  On the contrary, if your army of believers is sharing you with others, you are more than likely being “looked up”, especially since each attorney has the right to throw a mediator hat in the ring for consideration, and that my friends is where you must survive. 

As for effective language in your content, if you’re not doing it for Google, your competitors probably are, so why let them have it?  Just because……..?

…..and open up those social media channels, post good content and let your audience know you are a current, valuable member of the ADR community, with your eye on what’s important.  Once again, why just leave it to your competitors to stay relevant.   
Come on my loyal audience……dare me to find something wrong with your “Front Door” Online.  For a No Cost Evaluation Contact Us (954) 686-0090