Ebook and Whiteboard


ebook creation servicesYou have options when it comes to marketing your business, but with online marketing, not all options are created equally.

You need to find tools that allow you to truly “reach” your target market. These tools should put you in control of the information you share, while establishing you as an authority in your industry. eBooks and Whiteboard Videos are two of those tools.

An eBook, downloadable directly from your website, allows you to share information with your target audience, while simultaneously capturing their data as they leave a “footprint” on your website.

Your message can:

  • Show your expertise in your field
  • Highlight “standout” information
  • Discuss your company’s future direction
Most importantly, it lets you know that they were on your website and took action…..showing their interest. To receive this “cost-free, downloadable eBook, they must complete a short form that asks for name and email address (phone is optional). Once completed, the eBook is sent via email to the address provided.

This “Call to Action” gives the viewer the freedom to:

  • Post your eBook on Social Media Platforms (giving you further exposure)
  • Forward via email to other interested parties
  • Review at a later time and date (long after they’ve left your website)

Whiteboard Animation

Video Marketing AgencyA Whiteboard video’s “duration time” should be no longer than 90 seconds, and is often referred to as a “retention tool”. Typically, a video is the first item to be viewed as your website opens, hence retaining their interest and perhaps even separating your website from your competitions if their website offers similar information and no video.

Additionally, studies show that navigation of a website after a video is viewed is typically easier because they are now informed of your company’s products and services, and perhaps even your business culture.

Creative options are:

  • Choice of topic(s)
  • Choice of background color (hence not always being a “whiteboard”)
  • Degree of animation
  • Male or female voice
  • Writing provided
Whether you’re looking for new ways to reach your target audience or you’re a new business just getting started, both eBooks and Whiteboard Animations can help you communicate with your target audience.
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