Website Design and Consulting

With today’s trends, having “just” a website for your business is not enough.
As the front door to your business –
your website needs to:
  • Attract
  • Appeal
  • Educate
  • Collect Data
If your website is not working for you, not helping you attract potential clients, not converting them to customers, then efforts are being wasted. At 800Commerce, we will inspire and educate you to design a website that helps you achieve your online marketing goals.
Technology and algorithms are moving fast and it was not long ago that having just a website – some kind of online presence – was enough. Those days are gone and if your website is not your most powerful marketing tool, you’re wasting time and money.
Websites need to be designed with success in mind, be multi-faceted and work for both you and your clients/customers. Great minds produce great designs, so with your help….we can get you there.
web design companyAt 800Commerce we consult, we design and implement a site that works for you. It’s primary function, besides appealing to your tastes, is attract the attention of search engines so potential customers are able to find you. It will inform them of your business and share important details about why you should be chosen. Once your website is complete, it very important to analyze your market around you, your competition’s efforts and how they’re viewed by the search engines, and come up with a plan that will address that new found knowledge.
That is why “today” you cannot just build a website. Be proactive……call 800Commerce and let us define what your business needs to market online. If you would like to know more, contact us at 954-686-0090 or by email at