About Us

800Commerce has been serving our client’s online marketing needs for years and we are here to help. Whether you want to design a new Mobile Responsive Website, build your Social Media channels, develop a successful SEO campaign or manage your online Reputation, we can help.
Building an online presence is essential for today’s business owners. Whether you’re business focus is consumer based or business based, today’s customers are mobile ready and looking for information. They want to know their options, find value and make informed decisions.
Our team is experienced in all areas of Online Marketing and Social Media. Our first goal is to understand your brand, your markets and your competition. Once we do your analysis, we can evaluate your progress monthly and quarterly to better understand what adjustments are needed to succeed.

Our areas of expertise include:

top-rated South Florida digital marketing agencyOur team includes expert designers, web developers, writers, and marketing specialists that understand what it takes to establish a successful business online.The true value that 800Commerce brings to our clients is our refined customer care. With industry changes, often frequent and controlled by the Search Engines, your campaigns and / or your business needs can shift mid-stream, and how 800Commerce recognizes and addresses those needs that set us apart from our competition.
If you have an inquiry or work with a firm that doesn’t pay attention to your business needs, please contact us today to learn more and to schedule a consultation to discuss your next step.