Traditional Legal Marketing Methods?

Traditional Legal Marketing Methods?

Traditional Legal Marketing Methods?

I’m often asked to write about Traditional Legal Marketing Methods to keep my clients informed…or current…or in the know, then I ask myself, what is Traditional at this digital juncture?  How can anything be traditional when we’re only two (2) plus years into an era that redefined almost every part of our existence. 

Before March 2020, if you asked an attorney, mediator or arbitrator to prepare for the courtroom or the conference room via Zoom, she or he would’ve looked at you like you have a third eye.  Now, those very same legal professionals are not only “zoom only”, they buy groceries online, or find videos of topics needed and digest in minutes, or post their “authoritative stance on the topics they represent professionally / personally. 

So what is traditional now?  Not sure that can be defined per se, but we know this, it doesn’t take much to find what we’re looking for, make informed decisions and get clarity at the click of a few keys.  Question is…are YOU paying attention more than YOUR competitor, because that’s where the obstacles lie. 

The term “_ _ _ _ lawyer near me” is common search, used by legal professionals (all Practice Areas), and can be difficult to rank.  Better question to ask……what might folks at home be searching while their spouse is not watching, or what would an “out of market” attorney do when a contract dispute occurs outside their market and she or he has no reference point for a mediator referral. 

Common searches to peak a divorce attorney or mediator’s interest…How to break a prenuptial agreement? or, How to coordinate visitation with a spouse that’s moved on. These are real problems that require real answers. A pro se mediator’s website should be that library of information for Google to deliver.  

And you civil mediators should define your practice areas enough to satisfy the search of the twenty-something legal assistant, whose job is at risk as they search for their boss to determine which mediator referral to choose.

But that’s not enough. Google shows your law firm/mediation practice to prospects if they think you’re a credible source, if you have a conversion-friendly website with relevant content published regularly, if you’re listed in legal directories, if you’re on social media. But the process of getting Google to “like” you,  known as SEO, takes time and technical knowledge that many don’t have.

When you’re ready to evaluate your sector vs. your competitor, is when you’ll find out just how good your “Front Door Online” really is”. 

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