Top Question You Should Ask Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

Top Question You Should Ask Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

1. Will you work with us as we set  company goals?

Digital marketing is complex. Agencies need to understand their clients’ goals, and clients need to know that the agency can reach them.

Your agency should be your strategic partner setting company goals and achieving those goals. Some may be: generating leads, converting customers, and solving the problems that are unique to your company, industry, and customers. 

2. Are you versatile enough to meet our needs?

Versatility is important. Digital marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. If your social media posts drive a lot of traffic to your website, but your site looks outdated and sketchy, that doesn’t actually help you convert leads. 

Look for an agency that can handle your website design, web hosting, branding, digital and inbound marketing, social media, video content, blog, SEO, sales strategy, targeted advertising, and even more. A well-rounded agency will have plenty of options at your disposal.

Develop a great brand, and you will benefit for years.

3. What should we expect from the on-boarding phase?

In those first few months, before you start to see an increase in results from your inbound marketing and branding, you’re likely in the “on-boarding phase.” This sets the stage for the rest of the project.

Ask questions to learn what your agency is going to do during the ramp-up process. Are they making outrageous promises about immediate success? That might be a “too good to be true” situation. However, if they offer clear insights into the research they’ll be doing, the content development they’ll be working on, and the designs and plans they’ll be sharing with you each step of the way, you’ve likely found a winner! 

4. Will I be responsible for any of the content creation?

Don’t be surprised if this comes up. The more unique your industry is, the more likely it is that you will need to provide some content. 

If you’re not confident in your writing and content skills, that’s okay. A good digital agency should be able to take the content you have drafted and turn it into excellent site copy and blog posts. If you don’t want to do any content writing or creation,  be prepared to provide information to content writers through other means, such as interviews, recordings, notes, and links. 

5. Do you have designers on your staff? 

Designers make the content look great. They can create gorgeous infographics, make landing pages look fabulous, create consistency through your various sites and platforms, and ensure that when people see your content, they perceive it as high quality and trustworthy. 

6. Do you have experience with paid social campaigns?

Many platforms like to present the idea that anyone can run a successful social media campaign, but that’s not accurate. Paid social media campaigns and ads are complex beasts, with many decisions to be made. Yes, anyone can place a paid ad, but not everyone knows how to place one that is going to accomplish what you want it to. 

Does the agency have experience with paid social advertising and how it is different from paid and organic advertising on other sites? 

7. Will you incorporate my feedback into your design processes? 

What will collaboration look like with this agency? When you have feedback on something they have completed, will you be able to easily voice your opinion and feel heard? Or will you be treated like you’re causing problems by voicing critique or asking for changes?

You know your business better than the agency. You know your customers. And you know your vision, brand, and goals. This means that you are the expert on your business, even if you don’t know everything about marketing. 

8. How do I know that you’re the right company for us? 

This is your chance to get any vital information that the other questions didn’t cover! 

No matter what, keep in mind that YOU are the one in control of the final decision, and you can choose the marketing agency that is going to help you meet your goals and increase your ROI. Choosing a marketing agency is a big decision, but you don’t have to go into it unprepared.

For any questions or feedback, please send us a direct message and someone will respond.