Popular Web Pages? That Quickly? (Part II.)

Here is a great example of expanding upward with this strategy:

You can use these types of services to locate further, more specifically-designed web services. You may need a toolkit or an extension of plugins to your abilities to run this website, and you may just get lucky in finding downloadable files right where competitors have sent up their own tents. This also allows the opportunity for packing articles with affiliate links, which generously give a boost to the space of the industry for everyone.                          Yoast-seo-plugin-guide


The bread and butter of this tactic is to collect information regarding keywords,

which the creators of Ubersuggest know on account of their

“copy-to-clipboard” function. Entire lists of a competitor’s keywords

per page/domain  can be copied to your computer’s clipboard shortcut.



What Do We Do Next

With This information?

We create articles that closely model the information

(and the organization it’s presented in) these websites provide.

It’s okay to pick the sites that most impress you and go by example; even relevant searches could turn up useful results. Infographics on the spectrum of ad types may provide images, which could translate easier and much more efficiently into other services of digital media (links to Photos/Media/Print).


There is a metric between the lines of quality and quantity

that you’re going to want to use these keywords to measure out.

It’s important to try it every which way and every which angle.

Take information from your preliminary searches that pack the

most relevant punch, and you’re all set.


“It’s easy and quick, almost to the point of being an entry-level trick of the trade. Anyone starting to grow their business should be made familiar with it!”