Marketing Your Mediation Practice

Marketing Your Mediation Practice

Marketing Your Mediation Practice

Mediators may come from different backgrounds, but there’s a similarity in most. 

Whether a former judge, an attorney, or a professional with negotiation skills, they have compassion for those in conflict, a belief that most cases don’t belong in the courtroom and a desire to assist.

Yet each has different issues when establishing their place in their field.

Historically, former judges and attorneys are in great positions to be selected for panels and rosters, and some advocates often prefer them.  Yet some advocates prefer non-lawyer mediators, to keep one less legal mind out of the negotiation.   

establishing relationships with lawyers they get referrals from, and some Mediating Attorneys struggle in the shadows of retired judges, waiting for rosters to open. 

Truth is, these might even be yesterday’s feelings, stuck in today’s heads.  Times have changed, the demand had grown, and opportunities are greater.    

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