Marketing Your Business On Your Own?

Marketing Your Business On Your Own?

Marketing isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for some businesses

Many businesses invest too much time trying to do some form of marketing on their own, often with far too little reward.  Some business owners invest hours to their website content and social channels, instead of where they excel, and then wonder why they’re not seeing a return on their investment.

Today businesses owners know that social media is a necessary marketing channel that deserves attention, and may not realize that social media marketing can’t do everything. It’s only a slice of the larger digital marketing pie.

Like all forms of marketing, there are areas that are high-impact and others that are not.  It can be difficult to determine where to invest your time.

If you’re not seeing a return, we’d like to share with you the main reasons why marketing your own business can possibly be a waste of valuable time.

You have too many Networks to manage

How many online platforms do you promote your business on?

How many hours of your working day do you invest on those networks?

If you don’t have a dedicated marketing manager, then you’re probably spending more time on social media networks than you should.

Let’s say you build your beautiful website, you then sign up for Instagram, then Pinterest, then LinkedIn, then Snapchat — effectively quadrupling your investment in time.

It results in constant keyword and search engine optimization, daily content creation, analytics, audience retargeting, lead-generation…..  comments being missed, requests being ignored, and now you barely have time to post content every week.

Marketing Your Business

A Fix For This

I’ll tell you right now, one network well-maintained by a professional is better than 5 poorly maintained ones.  If you’re trying to juggle website content and multiple social networks, things are slipping through the cracks.

It’s a common mistake to think that not having a great looking website and not being on every hot social network is a missed opportunity but you’d be doing your business a disservice by having the wrong designer in place, incorrect SEO, and poorly representing it with unmaintained profiles and online content.


Consult a professional. Not having to deal with daily online marketing content will give you time to focus on your business and the areas you’re good at that generate more revenue.