Content Management

Content Management SystemRegularly adding content to your website is one of the most important aspects needed to grow your business online. Unfortunately, keeping content current and organized can be a challenge when you’re busy with so many other responsibilities.
content management websiteFresh content affects SEO and makes your website “search engine friendly”. What this means is, without relevant, current content, your website will go unnoticed by the search engines, or at least fall behind your competitor’s websites that are relevant and fresh. Even if the quality of your website is of the highest standard, without SEO, you’re making it harder to be found. Content needs to be updated regularly, in order for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to consider your site an important part of your industry.
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How you keep content fresh?

At 800Commerce, we have creative writers who can handle the time consuming “creation and posting” of your content. You choose what content you want to include on your site, and we ensure that content and its relevant “key words” are posted weekly or monthly. This leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

For more information or to speak to someone about managing the content on your website, contact 800Commerce at 954-686-0090 or by email at