Are you really taking care of your reputation management?

Are you really taking care of your reputation management?

Taking care of your reputation management

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and start Googling………and we recommend doing this in an Incognito window, so your browsing history doesn’t influence your research. 

Whether an attorney or pro se mediator looking to attract new clients, or a mediator looking to attract new referring attorneys…..first look at their practice area by city, or nearby best city, or county.  Ever wondered ‘bout the competition’s reviews?

Either we’re evaluating scores, quantity, lack of quantity…..or the unrealistic conclusion that reviews aren’t relevant, this comparison should not be the focus.

If it’s your business……YOUR reputation’s the only to focus on.  Serve your clients well and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

Reviews are integral to Legal Reputation Management, are essential for ranking higher and for attracting new clients for the attorney/pro se mediator or new referring attorneys for the mediators. 

Here’s what you need to know.  More Reviews Means a Higher Credibility Factor 

Three (3) Steps to a Strong Online Reputation 

  • Collect Authentic Reviews 
  • Respond to ALL Reviews (good or not so good)…..those responses are for onlookers, not the persons leaving the reviews 
  • Share Those Reviews as Social Proof

If you’re unsure how to ask for feedback, contact us to see a Review Platform built originally for the legal sector.  It’s expanded to other industries since, but we know where we came from.