5 Key Questions To Ask Before Beginning A Social Media Campaign In Fort Lauderdale

5 Key Questions To Ask Before Beginning A Social Media Campaign In Fort Lauderdale

5 Key Questions To Ask Before Beginning A Social Media Campaign In Fort Lauderdale

These days, social media has become a key foundation in building and growing businesses. With over 58.75 percent of people using it worldwide and 70% in the U.S., the competition has also risen. Changing technological and social trends have made it more challenging to reach your targeted customers, gain leads, and much more. This makes the clever use of social media for business inevitable.

According to statistics, 93 percent of small businesses suffer due to increased social media challenges. However, these obstacles can easily be overcome by using social media for marketing and launching an efficient social media campaign that will also boost sales. To design a strategically infused campaign, the marketer should be well aware of what social media is and how it works. Moreover, they should keep answers to certain questions in mind before designing a campaign.

Are you planning a social media campaign in Fort Lauderdale for your business? Let us walk you through the pre-social media campaign designing process:

What Is Social Media?

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Social media, in simple language, is an internet-based platform where you can communicate to and with people from all around the world by sharing various content and information and chat with them too.

Businesses can gain several benefits from this platform. For example, attracting potential customers, engaging with customers, building brand awareness, and customer loyalty are a few of its many perks. You can also enhance your market reach, including international markets by launching social media campaigns.

A social media campaign is a coordinated and strategically designed marketing strategy that uses one or more social media platforms to support or promote your business goals. These campaigns differ from regular daily social media posts in that they are more focused, targeted, and measurable in order to accomplish the organization’s goals.

Moreover, the type of social media campaign you launch also varies from location to location, so before beginning your social media campaign in Fort Lauderdale, here are 5 key questions to ask:

1.  What Is Your Campaign Goal?

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Campaign Goal

Firstly, before putting your marketing team at work, you must determine what goals or milestones you want to achieve. This can be done by identifying objectives and determining the outcomes you want to achieve. Not only that, ask if the set goals are measurable. That is, what actions the customers should take to accomplish them.

For example, if you have recently set up your floral business and want your local community to be familiar with your products and services, your campaign goal would be tocreate brand awareness by gaining more followers. And if you have an already well-established business that is about to launch a new product, your goal would be to increase engagement on organic posts.

You may be choosing social media marketing because you are excited about a different platform or want to try out every new trend. But will this campaign genuinely benefit your company? Before delving deeper into pre-launch planning, consider whether this campaign will attract more clients to your shop and whether it will adhere to your company’s overall marketing strategy.

2.  Who Is Your Target Audience And How To Reach Them?

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Another vital question to ask before launching a social media campaign is deciding and categorizing who it is for. Your target audience is a particular group of people at whom your whole campaign will be aimed. These audiences are classified according to their age group, interests, psychographics, or a myriad of other factors suitable to your brand offerings.

For example, for a boat club business in Fort Lauderdale, the campaign will be targeted mainly at tourists aged between 20 to 40 years.

Determining your target audience also provides insight into your audience’s likes or dislikes. And the deeper you reap, the more you will be able to create content that will relate to your brand. Paid digital advertising relies on this factor to reach the right consumer at the right time.

3.  What Is The Right Platform For You?

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Selecting the right platform to launch your campaign is one of the key aspects you must consider. It can be overwhelming and confusing to select the right one for your business, given the increasing number of social media platforms these days.

Businesses rush to every platform and begin publishing without even considering whether their content is valued here. We must understand that each social media site serves a distinct purpose and that users who access these platforms utilize them in a variety of ways. This decision is strategically based on your goals.

For example, if you are aiming to increase your conversions, leads, and sales, Facebook and Instagram would be the best option. Fortunately, these two are the biggest social media platforms used in Fort Lauderdale. Another favorable factor is that Facebook and Instagram ads have the best marketing tools available and most value in cost compared to other media.

4.  When Is The Most Favorable Time To Launch The Campaign?

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Good timing is essential to the achievement of your social media strategy goals. It enhances your digital engagement rate because most of the users are using the app at the moment. You will get more likes, shares, followers, and retweets if you post at the proper time of day. Additionally, this boosts the traffic on a website which eventually leads to a rise in sales.

Since Facebook and Instagram are the highest used platforms in Fort Lauderdale, we will look into the suitable time to launch the social media campaign.

  • According to a recent study, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are the best options to increase engagement on Facebook, while Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are the worst days to post there. On the other hand, businesses typically launch campaigns on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Moreover, on Facebook, one should run a campaign for 45 days for the customer to retain the marketing content.
  • Whereas, on Twitter, it is recommended to plan your social media launch campaign to run for 3-6 weeks for a +51 percent increase in top-of-mind recognition and a +15 percent increase in brand awareness 5, or 7-10+ weeks for a +68 percent increase in favorability.
Time To Launch The Campaign

5.  What Content Should You Publish?

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The type of material you produce is another critical factor in the success of your social media campaign. To achieve your objectives or take your social media strategy to the next level, you will need to create engaging content.

You should be aware of recent trends, what designs, layouts, and concepts work well with your business, and what form they should take. Usually, digital marketers that post images and brief videos are better at getting the viewer’s attention. On Facebook, video is the undisputed champion of all content. In fact, videos outperform all other types of content on the platform since they grab the user’s attention and can be shared easily.

In this question, you must also answer how the content will be created and what resources you will need to create interesting, intriguing, and valuable content. This step is one of the most crucial because it directly leads to attaining your set objectives.

Pay to Get Better Results

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Social media has been quite active lately, and most of the time, people come across posts from their friends or families on their feed, making it quite harder for your campaign to get noticed by your existing followers. In addition to that, the organic reach doesn’t contribute to reaching out to new customers. This is why digital marketers go for paid advertising option. This is the quickest and the most cost-effective way you can reach out to your targeted audiences and complete your social media campaign goals.

Here are some of the features of paid advertising that put your brand in the limelight of the right eyes:

  • You can specifically target your ad based on demographics, age, interests, and education and even decide how many people to reach in your campaign. This helps you connect with the people already searching for brand offerings similar to yours.
  • Your advertisement won’t be on the side banner of the app but will be shown as a normal post or story whenever your potential customers are scrolling through their feed.
  • It also helps in re-engaging with prior customers or followers through liking and commenting on their responses.

Time to Launch

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Now that you have answered these five questions, it’s time to design social media strategy for your business and set your date to launch your campaign in Fort Lauderdale.

However, the work isn’t done yet. Although the first major stage is launching, the post-campaign also needs equal attention. Engaging consumers should be communicated on social media by liking and reacting to their comments. Another technique to engage your audience is to leave a question and seek their feedback, which will help you better understand the consumer perspective, which you can apply to future efforts or even change in this campaign. Modify the campaign based on analytics, discard what isn’t working, and enhance top-performing material by providing more resources to the most successful pieces; however, all of this should be done while keeping the primary goal in mind.